GTA IV Naruto Mods

GTA IV Naruto Mods

List Naruto mods in GTA IV :

Naruto mods in game Grand Theft Auto IV

Player Skins

Hatake Kakashi

Kakashi by Ac. Amir




Ped Skins

1. Naruto Uzumaki

a. Shippuden

Naruto by Ac. Amir



Naruto by Yuniwii

Naruto celshading


b. Ryuujinki

Naruto Ryujinki by Ac. Amir


c. Naruto Kid

Naruto kid by Yuniwii

Naruto Kid

link password :


2. Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke by Yuniwii

SasukE Uchiha

download link

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GTA IV Naruto June 2013

GTA IV Naruto June 2013

Update : 03 June 2013, nothing new. I only fixing Fuu rig, so now it  better than previous version.


My Curiosity end (for a while) …
At least,  i able made different running style animation working in GTA IV game. It should called Ninja running animation, but still away from perfect.
The problems; probably because the exporter still buggy or i made some mistakes in the process …

Ninja Running in game

Ninja Running in game

But i need to pause making GTA IV animation until the tool become better to handle or i have more free time… It took a long time (2 days for this mod ).

After know animation mod possible … i think what i expected for GTA IV now only wnv (ped navmesh/pathfinding) support. Eventhough it’s not really my interest in GTA IV modding. I still able using GTA San Andreas for creating map. Btw, my interest in GTA IV modding almost like Skyrim. The possibility to change body parts and adding some new varians for models and textures. Off course, not always models need this. It only for some models that will be remodded again, has DLC, etc.

GTA 4 Animation Mod

GTA 4 Animation Mod


This mod took my day and still unfinished … i even forget about writing June blogging plans. But, it not really necessary :D Let’s the site run as usual .. since i found something more fun :D

I am just glad, now animation mod possible in GTA IV/EFLC (with Open IV1.4  and Andrew’s OAD exporter), … i only still need to figure out to making this working properly. It’s just test, since creating animation will took more time than rigging peds.

Ninja Running GTA IV

Ninja Running GTA IV

to be continued ….

Fuu Yamanaka

Fuu Yamanaka

Fu Yamanaka

character from Naruto

Mod type : Pedestrian Mod

Recommended for replace M_O_Janitor

work with : GTA IV, EFLC

“just quick rig, has several varians textures, some bugs in black cel shading mesh ”

Fuu from Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

Fuu Yamanaka

Fuu Yamanaka

some bugs fixed, now he can talk :D

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GTA 4 Body Parts Modding

GTA IV Body Parts (Naruto) Modding


I was have a big hope in GTA IV/EFLC body parts modding possibility… but found out it’s limited too. Sometime because pedvariation.dat rule or the trainer unable to spawn addon mods.
Modding this game always  ok if just replace Niko/Tony/Johny body part or replace ped which have the same body parts. I mean the game can crash if trying to load bodypart (for mission for example), but this bodypart unavailable because the ped/player (modded) do not have it.
I found out too; eventhough player have glasses (p_eyes), helmet, ears (Tony), face bodyparts i can’t adding them as addon in game … the model unable to spawn. I think it possible for ped by edit pedvariations.dat, but the trainer can’t spawn them.
It seems only these bodyparts support add on models :
head, uppr, lowr, feet, hair, suse (sus2), hands

But i don’t know how much addons can be added in reality ( not just in theory = 3 digits / 1000 = 000-999).
This sage outfit possible as addon (uppr_017) for Niko and i put the screenshot in this post as my modding diary :D Though it really took my time and unable to create finished mods ….

Niko Uzumaki Sennin Outfit  :D

Niko Uzumaki Sennin Outfit :D