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GTA IV Naruto Mods

GTA IV Naruto Mods

List Naruto mods in GTA IV :

Naruto mods in game Grand Theft Auto IV

Skins available : Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Pain, Kushina Uzumaki, Fuu Yamanaka, Akamaru (dog)

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GTA 4 Kamen Rider Femme

GTA IV Kamen Rider Femme


Begin to mod GTA IV again … and if possible put to link to download like this post.

This is ped mod (low poli) for GTA IV and EFLC.

Convert and rig by me from Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze.
replace f_o_binco or any female peds.

Extra parts :
– wings 2 variations and no wing
– belt 2 :  Femme and Decade

How to install :

Kamen Rider Femme

Kamen Rider Femme GTA 4

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GTA 4 Player Mod Cutscenes Problems


Player Mod Cutscenes Problems

Updated : Some problems already solved

These problems only happen with head mod, since regular Niko head all just ok in cutscenes. Read More »

GTA IV Asuka Kazama Ped

GTA 4 Ped

Asuka Kazama (風間飛鳥 – Kazama Asuka)

Done …

I dedicated two days of my free time to finish this mod, including made a video. Well, it’s not perfect mod, but my best GTA IV mod so far.

Asuka Kazama in GTA IV

Asuka Kazama in GTA IV

This girl has complete facial rigging (finger, eyes and mouth beside breast rigging as her role as a woman :D).
Most facial animation still look ok, except some extreme expression like angry; (the eyes kinda scary). The problems with GTA IV mod, i can’t adjust/edit the bones and i can’t test the model with GTA IV animation unlike GTA San Andreas.

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GTA 4 Rikku FFX Skin

GTA IV Rikku

from Final Fantasy X Skin

Convert and Rig by Yuniwii
“I move from Asuka Kazama (it’s still buggy) to Rikku, since i still curious using multimaterial for GTA IV character (ped) mod. And i think Final Fantasy character X more deserve it since the character mostly using multimaterial and difficult to edit into single texture”. Read More »

GTA 4 Asuka Kazama


Asuka Kazama

Work in Progress (WIP)

I don’t know why i curious to convert and rig this model to GTA IV and finally still not finished :D. This originally ported from XNALara by Rexil, and i already convert it to GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. That’s why maybe i curious to convert to GTA IV too. It consist from more than 100 textures, including normal bump and specular. At least i know, we still possible to convert model that has a ton of textures to GTA IV, without edit the UV. The model itself still have bugs in neck and Asuka butt.

Unexpected; i got several difficulties using this conversion method. It’s done but still buggy. So it will be paused for a while …

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